If you suddenly have noticed that you have skin tags or warts, you should get to know Verrulon Cream.

Skin tags happen when the body produces extra cells in the skin’s top layers. Most experts caution that you should not remove them by yourself. Instead, there are different treatments to eradicate them without affecting your appearance, your skin or your overall health.

Verrulon Cream is one of the best solutions to remove skin tags without pain or discomfort, and it doesn’t cause infections and stains in your skin. 

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1.  What causes skin tags, moles, and warts?

These are small growths that hang off your skin, they are usually harmless, but they can be uncomfortable, sometimes painful and in bad cases, cancerous.

Skin tags

They are made of loose collagen fibers and blood vessels surrounded by skin. They can appear in both men and women, and they are more common for people who are obese, have type 2 diabetes, and pregnant women as a result of changes in their hormone levels.

It usually grows in places where the skin rubs against itself, like in the neck, armpits, or groin.


The human papillomavirus (HPV) is the cause of warts in the body. This virus causes an excess amount of keratin that develops in the epidermis. This extra keratin is the cause of the hard, rough texture of a wart.

Experts don’t consider them highly contagious; however, they can be brought about through skin-to-skin contact.

They can also be transmitted by surfaces or objects. You are more likely to get them when your skin is wet or damaged. If you get infected, they usually take weeks or sometimes months to appear.


Moles appear on the skin when the cells grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. These cells are responsible for the pigment that gives skin its natural color.

Moles can darken after they are exposed to the sun and during pregnancy.

2. Differences between warts, moles, and skin tags

Moles are usually harmless and can grow anywhere on the body, and they’re usually black or brown. If you have a mole growing or changing color, you need to visit a doctor as this could be due to melanomas, or skin cancer.

Skin tags are completely benign and appear as we age. They are usually the same color as your skin. They are mostly considered a skin flaw rather than a dangerous growth, and they are not contagious.

On the other hand, Warts are contagious and have a rough, irregular surface while skin tags are smooth. 

All three of these unattractive skin growths can be treated with Verrulon cream to stop the growth and prevent them from appearing again.

3. What is Verrulon cream?

Verrulon Cream is an innovative and natural solution to remove moles, warts, and skin tags. This cream can block the growth of warts and moles while also strengthening your immune system.

It’s normal for our bodies to have moles or skin tags. Only a few people never develop this kind of skin flaw in their bodies.

The reason behind the effectiveness of Verrluon Cream is its quality ingredients. It has a unique combination of natural ingredients specially selected to heal the skin naturally.

4. Benefits of using Verrulon cream

Verrulon Cream is a natural treatment for moles, warts, skin tags. When you start using this product, it will stop the growth of these undesirable formations in your body. 

It also stimulates your immune system, and it won’t let it show up again as long as you keep applying it.

5. What are the ingredients in Verrulon cream?

Verrulon Cream has natural and potent ingredients in its formula. What makes it better than other products is the lack of chemical compounds. Some of the main ingredients are:

Tea Tree Oil

This ingredient helps to clean the skin. It’s a powerful antiseptic that fights bacteria, and it makes impossible the growth of fungus.

Birch Extract

Birch extract can be used to eliminate toxins in the skin leaving; as a result, brighter and clearer skin. It also has antiseptic properties.

Juniper Wood oil

It’s one of the best ingredients in Verrulon cream. It can regenerate the epidermal cells and prevents the skin from showing signs of fatigue.

It helps eliminate any scars, stretch marks, skin tags, warts. It heals ulcers and fights cellulite.


It’s a great solution against dandruff and skin imperfections.

Chelidonium majus

This plant has been used for years as a remedy against warts, skin tags, and moles.

Hedera Helix

It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help the skin heal properly. It’s a moisturizer that helps keep the skin soft and soothe the skin’s itching.

6. How to use Verrulon cream?

Using Verrulon cream is easy, and it’s no different from other skin creams. But you should read the user manual with the instructions that come in the package, and there you can also find what to expect from the product.

Here are the instructions on how to apply Verrulon cream:

  1. Clean the area before applying the cream. 
  2. Squeeze a small amount onto your fingers
  3. Apply externally in the affected area 3 times a day
  4. Continue the treatment constantly until skin growth has been eliminated

7. What are the side effects of using Verrulon cream?

Verrulon Cream is a blend of natural ingredients and an effective solution for skin growth. It’s entirely safe for anyone to use with no side effects whatsoever.

8. How much does Verrulon cream cost in the Philippines?

The price of Verrulon Cream in the Philippines is ₱ 3,980 PHP. At the moment there is a limited time offer of 50% off the regular price, so take advantage of this amazing offer and order your cream now.

9. Where can I buy Verrulon cream in the Philippines?

Verrulon cream can only be purchased on the official website HERE.

This ensures that you are buying the original Verrulon cream, not a counterfeit or fake version that could damage your skin or have no effect at all.

You need to place an order and wait for the company to call you back to confirm your personal information and the address where the product will be delivered. No advance payment will be required.

You will not regret using Verrulon cream, your skin will look more attractive than ever.

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