When it comes to money, having a bit of luck doesn’t hurt. Whether you’re going through a rough patch or simply you want to maintain your economic stability, it´s always good to have good fortune on your side.

Traditionally, many methods have been used to attract money, success, good luck or even love. In the case of the Philippines, to attract money it´s common to receive the New Year wearing clothes with polka dots because this pattern represents coins. Another popular tradition consists of filling your pockets with coins and ringing them at midnight.

For a few years now, people have also begun to use some peculiar amulets made in a personalized way by a famous fortune teller and spiritual healer. You might have already seen one because many people use it and they are very attractive.

They are known as Money Amulet and getting them in the Philippines is quite easy. If you want to know all details of these accessories, we invite you to continue with us.

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1. What is Money Amulet?

Money Amulet is an accessory, which, as the name implies, is designed to attract money and overcome all financial problems. The power of this talisman has been granted by Bernadette Monlina, a fifth-generation fortune teller and spiritual healer who, since she was a child, manifested the ability to attract and share positive energy and good vibes with others.

This accessory has helped thousands of people  take the path of success, money and good luck.

2. What is the history of this amulet?

All amulets have an interesting story behind them and the one created by Bernadette is no exception.

The first Money Amulet came about when a woman visited Bernadette, the fortune teller, because she desperately needed money. According to Bernadette, this woman was born into a poor family and although she studied and worked hard to progress in life, she couldn´t make it and the problems with money persisted.

To help her, the fortune teller prepared a special amulet with the letter of the strength of the spirit. This symbol, in some beliefs, works to increase confidence and luck and thus attract money.

The prepared amulet took effect and within a year, the woman who had come to Bernadette began to experience success in her life, she even got married and as a gesture of gratitude, she invited the fortuneteller to the wedding.

3. How does the amulet work?

Each Money Amulet is different, none of them resembles another because these accessories are personalized and designed based on the name of the owner and their needs.

In order for the amulets to work, the following instructions must be followed:

  1. Send the name of the owner, correctly written so that the fortune teller can personalize it.
  2. Think carefully about what you want to achieve. For example, if you want money, figure out how to get it, specifically what to do with it: buy a house, buy a car, travel.
  3. Once the amulet is received, hold it tightly and think again about what you want to achieve. In case you want to make any changes to the wish, you can do it.
  4. Repeat the wish every night before going to sleep.
  5. Keep the amulet close (around the neck, in a pocket or in a bag).

By following all the indications, the energy contained in the amulet will provide enough strength for people to function successfully and victory will lead them to improve economically.

4. What do people who have purchased Money Amulet think? 

As part of our research, we consulted the opinions of people who have purchased a Money Amulet and we were pleased to discover that they´re all very satisfied with their purchase. There are very positive experiences of clients who have increased their earnings, achieved promotions at work or have had luck in business since began to use this amulet.

All people affirm that this accessory acts quickly and that it has a very positive impact in all spheres of life, since having the amulet creates a feeling of strength and ability to succeed that is not normally possessed.

5. How to avoid bad luck with money?

According to spiritual healers who have studied the phenomenon of the attraction of money, there are attitudes that cause limitations in the flow of money to people. Many of these negative behaviors are unconscious, so it´s appropriate to know about them in order to avoid them:

  • Thinking that for some reason you don’t have the right to get rich
  • Get used to having little money
  • Not trying hard enough to get what you want
  • Not thinking about yourself
  • Being fearful about business ventures and investments
  • Wanting to make easy money
  • Avoiding all risk

6. Where to buy Money Amulet in the Philippines?

If you want to order a Money Amulet for yourself, your family or your friends, click on THIS LINK to access the official website.

On this platform you can find additional information about the amulet and order one. To place the order, simply complete the form that appears at the end of the website.

If you make your order now, you can enjoy a 50% discount on its original price, helping you begin your successful new life with a substantial good luck discount.

7. Spendwell.ph recommendation

Although it is not a magic remedy, the Spendwell.ph team considers that Money Amulet can act as a true generator of profit, as it provides the positive energy and good vibes that are needed to fight for goals in life.

You now know about the Money Amulet in the Philippines. Don’t wait any longer, order your amulet right now and start fulfilling all your dreams and bringing good luck and good fortune to your life.

We end our post, but remember you can visit our blog to discover new articles about the best health and beauty products available in the Philippines. All these materials have been prepared by our editorial team with the purpose of helping you to #spendwell.



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