If you have a broken or missing tooth, you need to know about Hollywood Smile.

There are different reasons why teeth are fractured or cracked: it can be due to age, trauma, or tooth grinding. The same goes for yellow teeth, there are different reasons, and we don’t pay enough attention to them, so we end up staining our teeth.

Hollywood smile is an easy solution to get an instant smile. It’s made of a hypoallergenic material that can fit any size.

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1. What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile is a unique and innovative device that’ll give you a perfect and beautiful smile. This product is a false layer that anyone can use on their own without a dentist’s help.

It can improve the look on your smile by masking all the defects that you might have that make you feel uncomfortable, like a cracked tooth or yellow teeth. It’s flexible and hypoallergenic and attaches to the upper jaw.

It’s been gaining popularity recently because more people are experiencing the positive results of having this product in their lives.

One of the most incredible things about Hollywood Smile is that it works even if you have no teeth.

2. Benefits of using Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile can hide any defects in your teeth to give you more confidence to speak or smile. 

When using Hollywood Smile, you can hide yellow, crooked, or discolored teeth, and it will give you a beautiful and aesthetic smile. 

It’s common to have a wide gap between teeth; some people don’t feel comfortable with this situation. Hollywood Smile can help you conceal it, and it’s cheaper than using braces.

But its most significant benefit is that it’s easy to use and comfortable and you won’t need professional assistance.

It’s a product recommended for people who want a beautiful smile but don’t have enough money to pay for expensive treatments or prosthetics. So Hollywood Smile is perfect for people with uneven teeth.

It has a universal size and can adapt to any jaw, but it’s not interchangeable. The structure and location of the teeth are different for each person. Once they are used by one patient, they won’t fit another person.

3. What causes yellow teeth?

This is one of the main reasons why people hide their smiles. We usually don’t pay enough attention to our teeth until we see them losing their color.

It’s not an urgent condition, but it costs you your confidence, and that’s something very important.

The most common causes of yellow teeth are the following:

It runs in the family.

If one of your parents has yellow teeth, the probability that you are similar is very high. The shade can vary and is not the same color most of the time.

Thin Enamel

One of the reasons teeth look yellow is because the enamel is thin, and the dentin under it starts to show.

Dentin is a yellow material that it’s located under the enamel. Its primary function is to support the enamel. So when the enamel recedes, and the dentin is left exposed, it can become oversensitive to temperature.


This is one of the most common and known reasons for getting yellow teeth. The nicotine leaves a yellow or brown stain on your teeth, besides creating an unhealthy addiction.


Yes, fluorosis is good for your teeth, but that doesn’t mean you have to overdo it because, believe it or not, excess fluoride can cause yellow or brownish spots called fluorosis.

4. How do they make Hollywood Smile?

It’s created with hypoallergenic materials so that anyone can use this amazing product. The back is made of silicon, and the teeth are a mixture of nylon and polypropylene. 

Hollywood Smile is made with advanced technology creating a product comfortable to wear with the same efficiency as braces.

The materials don’t lose their properties for several years. Hollywood Smile is oxidation-resistant and durable. It’s also a product that is easy to clean.

5. How to use Hollywood Smile?

In the original packing, you can find the instructions. It is very simple to start using Hollywood Smile:

  1. Before starting to use the product, you must put them in hot water for 2 minute. The layer that will fix the lining will become elastic and ready for the first fixation.
  2. Take the pad out of the water and press it to the teeth carefully to get an impression. Don’t do it for more than 30 seconds.
  3. After this, now put the pad in cold water for a minute, and you’re ready to go.

6. Can Hollywood Smile correct my teeth?

This product is not for medical correction or a substitute for good dental hygiene, so you need to keep brushing your teeth, flossing and maintaining proper dental hygiene. 

7. How much does Hollywood smile cost in the Philippines?

The price of Hollywood smile is ₱ 3,660, but at the moment there is a limited time 50% discount off the original price. So hurry up before the offer ends, you can save money and get an excellent and very useful product in exchange.

8. Where can I buy Hollywood Smile in the Philippines? 

Buying this product is easy and a good investment not only for your teeth but for your confidence too. 

Hollywood smile is really easy to buy in the Philippines. You only need to go to the official webpage HERE.

The product will be delivered for free in 3 to 7 business days, and you pay when you receive the package.

It’s important that you know that you can find this kind of product in a store or pharmacy. If you do, it is probably a low-quality product made of materials that can cause side effects. Hollywood smile hasn’t shown any side effects and it is safe to use.

The manufacturer decided not to use intermediaries so the price won’t go up, and the clients will know that they are receiving exactly what they are paying for.

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