Every person reaches a stage in life where the natural color of their hair starts to turn gray. This is the reason why Colour Keep was created:  to help people keep their natural hair color using a completely natural and safe product for your hair and health.

Some people even start to have gray hair color in their 20s or 30s. Most of the time, we feel uncomfortable with this aging feature and seek commercial solutions or visit a hair salon to dye our hair. Over-dyeing your hair can potentially damage not only your scalp but your health in general.

Colour Keep is an excellent remedy for people with gray hair who want to maintain their natural hair color. It’s easy to apply, and you’ll get results in less time; if you want to know more, stay with us and keep reading this article.

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1. What are the side effects of dyeing your hair?

Dyeing your hair once or twice can be fun but dyeing it too often can bring harmful effects to your health. Here are some of the most important reasons to stop using hair colors and dyes:

  1. Ammonia is one of the most common ingredients in dye hair colors. Its job is to break through the hair cuticle (This is the outermost layer of the scalp) and allows the color to deposit itself there.
  2. When used often, the action created by ammonia can lead to dry, brittle, and unhealthy-looking hair. Also, ammonia can cause allergic reactions and trigger respiratory problems.
  3. Ammonia-free dyes are not safe either. The Chemical used to replace ammonia (Monoethanolamine) does the same function as ammonia thus can cause the same damage to your hair.
  4. The difference between the two of them it’s that ammonia-free dyes are not as harmful to your overall health.
  5. The use of hair dye regularly can weaken the hair causing hair breakage. The hair colors can suck the moisture from the scalp causing the roots to get weak. So your hair can start to fall as a side effect of dyeing it so often.

To avoid damage to your hair and other health issues, you should try Colour Keep because it is a healthier alternative to keep your natural hair color without risking your health.

2. What is Colour Keep?

Colour Keep is a hair product in spray form made of natural ingredients to effectively restore the color of your hair.

The difference to using a hair dye is that besides restoring your natural hair color, it also restores melanin production (Melanin is a natural pigment that gives color to the hair).

Colour Keep spray works for all shades, and it repairs general damage, including brittle hair.

3. What are the benefits of using Colour Keep?

As we mentioned before, using Colour Keep can help you restore your natural hair color without putting your health at risk. You can see the results in a few days, and it’ll last longer than dyeing hair. 

The difference with hair dyes is that they change your hair for a while, but eventually, the gray hair comes back once the dye fades, which doesn’t happen with Colour Keep.

It’s entirely safe to use, and people with different hair colors can use the same bottle because it was made to bring back your natural hair color without caring if it’s yellow or black.

4. What are the ingredients in Colour Keep?

The main ingredients in Colour Keep spray are:

Tuber fleece flower

This tuber is a traditional medicine used for hair loss and can stimulate the growth stage in hair follicles.

Sesamum indicum

This ingredient in Colour Keep gives nutrition to the hair and, like tuber fleece flowers improves hair growth. It can bring the pigmentation back to your hair.

Lovage root

Lovage root can stop the discoloration process and restore your natural hair color while also protecting follicles.

Ginseng Extract

This is one of the essential ingredients in Colour keep spray because it delays gray hair from coming out. This herb is strongly recommended for hair loss.

5. How to apply Colour Keep?

In order to bring back or keep the color of your hair from going gray, you must strictly follow the instructions. The instructions come in the packing, so don’t forget to read them before starting  to use the product.

To achieve the desired result, you’ll need to be consistent in following the treatment. You can put the product next to your comb so you’ll remember to do it every day.

6. What are the side effects of using Colour Keep?

Colour Keep underwent rigorous clinical trials before going to production and sold commercially and there were no adverse events. Using Colour Keep does not cause any side effects because its ingredients are 100% natural.

7. How long does it take to see results?

It takes 28 days to restore your natural hair color. The restoration starts immediately on the first use of the product, but the results will depend on how often and consistently you use the product.

If you follow the instruction that the manufacturer gave for the product, you’ll have excellent results.

8. Does Colour Keep work?

Several people have already used the product and experienced excellent results—people with different shades of color and different ages.

9. How much does Colour Keep cost in the Philippines?

Colour keep price is ₱ 3,740 PHP, but if you visit the official website right now, there is a limited time discount of 50%.

Knowing all the benefits, not only for your hair but for your health in general, it’s a fantastic price for a great product that can help you feel better with yourself.

10. Where to buy Colour Keep in the Philippines?

To buy this fantastic product, you need to visit the official website as the product isn’t distributed in any store or pharmacy. This way you’re safe knowing that you are buying the original Colour Keep, not a counterfeit or fake version.

You can place the order, and the company will deliver the product to your house. You can pay your order on a cash upon delivery basis, so it’s safer for you.

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