In the Philippines, bowel diseases are very common. Our country’s health authorities estimate that between 60 and 70 million citizens suffer some form of bowel disease. While this is an alarming figure, more worrisome is that some of these diseases are among the leading causes of severe disease and death in the country. Such is the case of colorectal cancer, liver cancer, peptic ulcer, diarrhea and stomach cancer.

One of the main causes of the high incidence of digestive tract diseases is the excessive consumption of fat-rich foods. Fats create a favourable environment in the digestive tract for the development and multiplication of microorganisms that ca cause ulcers, gastritis, colitis, cramps, and even lymphomas and cancer in humans.

Among the main manifestations of bowel diseases we can find: heartburn, nausea and vomiting, swelling, meteorism, stomach pain after eating, heaviness of stomach, constipation and diarrhea. However, they also act silently, making early detection and treatment of the condition difficult.

Luckily, experts have created innovative and very effective treatments against bowel diseases. One of the most popular in the Philippines is the use of Biolactonix, a natural product that offers incredible results in the control of these conditions.

If you’re interested in finding out what it is, how it works, and where you can buy it, check out this post.

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1.    What is Biolactonix?

Biolactonix is a supplement in the form of capsules designed for the treatment and control of bowel diseases. Its formula has been developed from a combination of natural ingredients of the best quality that have been selected according to their properties and characteristics.

Its innovative composition allows it to clean the intestines and eliminate all the colonies of bacteria and parasites that are housed in the digestive tract. It also alleviates the consequences of this condition.

Biolactonix is fast acting in the body and from the very first use you begin to see results. Biolactonix also acts as a preventive treatment to reduce the risk of long-term illness.

Before being launched on the market, this product underwent rigorous quality and safety analysis. Thanks to the excellent results obtained, it received the necessary certifications in order to sell it and for its therapeutic use.


2.    How does Biolactonix work?

Biolactonix acts in the intestinal tract in a wide-ranging way. It has six main functions:

  1. Eliminating patogens and micro-organisms, including bacteria, parasites and their larvae
  2. Reducing inflammation
  3. Restoring intestinal flora
  4. Restoring the digestive process
  5. Regenerating damaged tissue
  6. Increased immunity

By doing so, the health of the intestinal tract is completely restored and the patient’s health improves. 


3.    What ingredients does Biolactonix contain?

Biolactonix is made exclusively of natural ingredients of the highest quality. Some of these ingredients include:

  • Teminalia Chebula: A traditional plant with digestive and laxative properties. It effectively counteracts vomiting and diarrhea, absorbs moisture from the stomach and regulates appetite. It also helps to control bleeding.
  • Embellica officinale: Acts as a powerful detoxifier, reduces intestinal inflammation and promotes tissue regeneration.
  • Probiotics blend: Restores and improves microflora function. Suppresses Helicobacter Pylori and others microorganisms and prevents its multiplication.

Biolactonix does not contain any chemical ingredient that can harm the health of the patient.     


4.    How to use Biolactonix?

Specialists recommend taking a Biolactonix capsule twice a day, for four weeks in order to achieve the expected results and control any intestinal disease. Additionally, it is recommended that this cycle is repeated twice a year in a preventive manner.


5.    Where to buy Biolactonix in the Philippines?

If you are interested in starting a treatment with Biolactonix, you can purchase it from the official website HERE. On this platform you will find additional information about this supplement and the order form. Complete the form with the information requested and wait for a call from a company agent to specify the details of the order and the delivery address.

Don´t worry because you don´t need to have any prescription to buy Biolactonix on this site. 

You will receive the shipment at the indicated address and in a fairly short period of time.


6.    How much does Biolactonix cost in the Philippines?

Biolactonix is sold in the Philippines at a very affordable price. Each bottle costs only ₱3,980  and if you place your order right now you can buy it at half price, thanks to available discounts. Hurry up and save some money!

Payment is made after receiving the package, in the most convenient way.


7.    Spendwell.ph analysis

After analysing every detail of this supplement, Spendwell.ph has decided to give you its seal of recommendation. The decision has been made by the editorial team taking into account the quality, effectiveness, safety and excellent price of Biolactonix.

These elements position Biolactonix as one of the best and most competitive of its kind within the biopharmaceutical industry. If you have an intestinal disease, do not hesitate to use it. We assure you that all your problems will disappear and your life will change completely.

This ends our post. If you are interested, check out our blog to discover similar products. All the offers are available in the Philippines and they will help you maintain your health at an affordable price.

We say goodbye for now, we hope you enjoyed our post and make sure you #spendwell.



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